Jesus invites us to reimagine life together based on the good news of his Kingdom breaking into our world. We’re committed to a way of life that forms us to look and love like Jesus, and inviting everyone around us into the family. Here are a few upcoming ways to connect with God and people.

Prayer Room 7-13-21


February 22-24 at Vineyard Church Northwest

We need the Holy Spirit in everything we do. Come be equipped to partner with the Kingdom of God in your everyday life. The 2024 Kingdom Pursuit Conference, hosted by Vineyard Church Northwest, is FREE for all to attend! It’s 3 days of worship, teaching, and ministry, pressing in for the filling of the Spirit. You can register HERE.


Sunday, March 24 at 10:30am

Baptism is a huge step in the life of a follower of Jesus and a powerful celebration for our church family. It’s a beautiful picture of our spiritual transformation in Christ: we go under the water symbolizing dying to our old self and come up out of the water as a symbol of being raised to new life in Christ.

If you’ve never been baptised and want to learn more there will be a quick meeting after our worship gathering on Sunday, Feb 25 at the Leapin Lizard. EMAIL JOE with questions at

VCOV Youth
Prayer Room 7-13-21


Saturday, February 24  | 7:45am
St. Elizabeth Parking Lot | 1500 James Simpson Jr Way

Compassion is a big deal to God. Serve the city with us every last Saturday by partnering with Isaiah House to distribute groceries to families in need. We also offer prayer to everyone, connecting with the people of our city and seeing the Kingdom of God break in with healing power.


Every Monday from 7-8am on Zoom

Start your work week off with us being formed in scrtipture and prayer as we cry out for the Kingdom of God to be keep breaking in to Covington and beyond.

Each hour has a specific theme, a time of worship, and scriptural prayer points to guide our time and make it easy for anyone to join in. Click the button below to join on zoom.

VCOV Youth
Prayer Room 7-13-21

vineyard usa national conference

July 15-18, 2024 at Vineyard Cincinnati

We’re part of a larger family of churches in the USA, and this summer we’re gathering to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Vineyard. Conferences are a great opportunity to connect and get a taste of what God is up to with our tribe around the country. There will also be powerful times of worship, teaching, and ministry time together.


Locations vary

We love to hang out and invite the people around us to experience community in an easy way doing fun things. It might be a fire in the backyard, going out for a drink, or heading to a Reds Game. Shoot us a message to get the details about our next monthly hangout.

Guys – Every 2nd Wednesday at 7pm

Ladies – Every 4th Wednesday at 7pm

Next Worship Gathering
Next Worship Gathering

FUTURE Worship Gatherings

Every 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month at 10:30am
at Leapin Lizard – 726 Main St. Covington

Sundays, February 11 & 25
Sundays, March 10 & 24
Sundays, April 14 & 28

These gatherings include free coffee, live worship together, receiving communion, hearing stories from the community, a teaching from the word, and space for Holy Spirit prayer ministry. Kids are welcome to join the adults during the singing portion of worship and go to their own class for teaching and activities geared to their age group.

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